Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Review: Writer Mama

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I always thought that if I wanted to pursue writing I would have to neglect my kids. I couldn’t homeschool play with them, I’d have to hand off baths, cleaning and babysitting. I pictured famous writers (mostly men) away on a nice retreat for a month at a time, cranking out books. The attachment parent in me struggled with also wanting to write. I’ve felt conflicted for a long time.

Turns out my non-schedule of writing whenever I can steal 5 minutes at the computer or jotting down ideas in a spiral notebook while driving (dangerous!) is PERFECT! What’s great about Writer Mama by Christina Katz is that it could also apply to those who have a full-time job. It’s for ANYONE who wants to carve out time to write.

I stopped reading about halfway through when she got into feature articles because I’m not quite ready for that yet (and I had the damn thing so full of Post-it notes that it was getting heavy). Instead, I asked for the book for my anniversary (even called ahead to Border’s to have them hold it at the checkout desk for my husband!!!). I did skim the rest of the pretty book (the page borders and some words are TURQUOISE!!!), though, and found that it’s a great book to keep on your reference shelf, with tons of tips and exercises.

From the time you pick up this book, you will want to write. The author walks you through simple writing, like tips, how-tos and fillers all the way to feature articles and books. She even covers housekeeping, childcare, procrastination and so much more.

A quote from the author: “…why not raise [your writing career] the same way you raise your kids? Day after day after day. And why not begin today?”

Bottom line: I give it 10 Dove chocolate hearts out of 10

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