Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mother and Child

So one day I’m just hanging around, changing diapers, watching Caillou, cooking, picking up after kids, etc. when an idea comes to me. Hmmm. I’ve been making some extra money babysitting in my home and also at churches. I get to take my kids along so they have fun, too. I should write about it. So I contact this tiny little free monthly publication to see if they’d be interested. They are, but not for their print magazine. I’ll take what I can get, so I propose a series on ways to make money with your kids in tow (mystery shopping, medical transcription, babysitting, etc.).

I do 4 of these when I realize I’m not happy to work for free forever, especially since I now have to spend time interviewing people. We never talked money, so I bow out gracefully. You can Google my name and my little series will show up in any number of cities … Mother and Child Reunion is nationwide. Every time I see it, I’m glad I got started SOMEWHERE, but upset with myself that I didn’t ask for any money, especially after I saw it all over the Web. Even $1 per article per market would’ve been SOMETHING.

Go to this site and check out the options for Mystery Shopping, Medical Transcription, Childcare at Home and Working in the Childcare Business.

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Sean Smith said...

I hope you are happy. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day now.

"And the mother and child reuuuuunion is only a moment awayyyyyy!"

FYI, We do not allow Ian to watch Caillou. He started to equate Caillou's somewhat whiney voice with getting his way all the time. Now he is a Pecola fan. Now there is another song I get stuck in my head...

"All the world is square. Bada bah da bah da dah. All the world is square. Bada bah da bah da dah. All the world is square. Bada bah da bah da dah. It's good to be square. PECOLA!"

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