Thursday, November 27, 2008

Writing Again

Why did I start writing again despite everything else (homeschooling, mothering 4 kids under the age of 8, being a some-time travel widow) I have going on in my life? Simple: because I love it. And it’s something I can do while doing the other thing I truly love and wanted to do ever since I can remember: raising my kids.

I found a great line from a Brain, Child essay by Cheryl Strayed: "All of my life I'd believed that writing was my calling, my passion, my reason for being, my greatest contribution to the betterment of the world, but that theory of my life unraveled completely when I became a mother."

Earlier this year I threw out most of the reprint stuff for Stock-up Mentality since I had only heard back from one publication and it was a rejection. I planned on recycling my Writer’s Market and moving on, focusing solely on homeschooling.

Then I got antsy, because I seemed to have pockets of time to myself and lots to say. And there was the matter of the hundreds of pieces of paper in my idea files. I started a blog in July when we all went to Phoenix to be with my husband for 3 weeks.

From there I remembered how much I love to write and how much I still have to learn about it and that I probably have quite a few years left to live and write. I don’t have to write a novel to be happy. I don’t have to sell a $2,000 piece to a major magazine to feel like a good writer or feel successful.

Speaking of money: another pro of writing is once you get the hang of it and build relationships with editors, you can make a little money … enough to fund a fast-food or chocolate or Coca Cola habit, for instance. Or a gym membership! Then you’ll have even MORE experiences to write about!

Why do YOU write? What do you want to say?

Coming up … Watch what you write about other people!

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