Monday, November 3, 2008

Writing for Dollars

A few months after Joel was born, my replacement at my old job as office manager was not working out (ahem, doing personal shopping on the company credit card). My ex-boss asked if I could clean up her accounting, billing, filing and miscellaneous messes. Having 4 kids himself, he was sympathetic to my status as “attached new mother” and told me I could bring Joel to work and set my own hours.

I loved the job, and there were times I could get a lot of computer work done while Joel nursed and slept in my arms. There were also times when I was figuring out a company financial dilemma and Joel was tired of hanging out on the floor or in his walker and just needed some attention. Even only working part-time, I was getting stressed and was glad when my new replacement was hired and I could start training her (with Joel in my arms).

Soon after I was back at home full-time, I got the opportunity to write thank you letters for The Salvation Army. You know, when you give money to a charity and you get a thank you letter back? That was me writing a few of those. It paid decent, but got old trying to figure out 12 different ways per year to say “thanks for sending money; you are awesome and generous.”

Thankfully, I got the chance to write some “appeal” letters. Those are the letters you get ASKING for money. I had to visualize myself as a needy person without sounding too whiney and ask for money for the charity. I got to write a few of those, again with decent pay.

But I don’t like to be stuck in a rut, and it was around the end of 2002 (expecting baby #2) that I wanted to start a sticker company … stickers for scrapbookers who attachment parent. I did a lot of research (my inventing days are another story … can you say “coffee chip cookies”?), but ultimately it was too much for me to handle and I tried to sell Creative Memories scrapbook supplies instead until baby #3 was on the way.

So THEN what do I do with myself? Having kids rocks, and they take a lot of time, but I needed to find something to assist me in my Housework Avoidance journey.

Stay tuned …

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