Saturday, December 27, 2008

I call it another way to make money blogging. And blogging gets the writing juices flowing. And writing leads to more writing and …

You know the drill.

So is pretty cool. You write a how-to article about anything you want. It could be How to Shave Your Legs or How to Survive Childbirth.

I'm submitting one called “How to Promote Your Blog on Café Mom.” You earn money by page views. If your article rocks, eHow may pick it for their “How To of the Day” and your article goes out to all eHow members, which hopefully drives up traffic, which makes you more money. Like most blogging sites you get paid for, you get paid only when your earnings reach a certain amount, and I believe they currently don’t use PayPal but only pay by check.

It’s easy. Why not sign up for it today and get going. Hunt me down (mommykerrie) and add me as a Friend.

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