Friday, December 19, 2008

More on Querying

When I sent out the 14 reprint queries via e-mail last weekend, it took quite a while, but I believe I have a better chance of getting published than back when I just printed a copy off and mailed it and hoped for the best.

This time around I almost re-sent my reprint to the ONE publication kind enough to reject me. Glad I caught that one.

I went ahead and re-submitted my reprint to pubs I never heard from in the first place, either because I let my e-mail address go defunct without checking it for a year or else I had mailed them a reprint/rewrite WITHOUT an SASE.

Sweet baby Jesus, an SASE is like the MAIN thing you do not forget. I guess I assumed they would just e-mail me a rejection (which maybe they did … I’ll never know, dammit), but instead my copy probably just went into the recycle bin.

So now I’m just waiting to get an e-mail from a few pubs that say, “Hey, lady, you sent this 2 years ago and we e-mailed you that we didn’t want it. Why are you writing us again. Are you dumb or something?”

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