Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Blog Name Ideas

My dear and cherished 5 readers, I have something for you to ponder.

I’m thinking my blog theme is too broad, especially since I specialize in parenting writing. I’m afraid fiction writers may stumble upon my site thinking it’s for them, and it’s NOT.

It’s for writer mommies like me, but the name Writer Mama has already been taken, and quite wonderfully, I might add.

Here are some ideas I’m throwing around:

Nursing Writer

Yelling Writer

Homeschooling Writer

Crunchy Catholic Writer

The Write Mom

Do What’s Write for You



MSteph said...

I love your blog idea because I homeschool my 3 kids and love to write. Homeschool Writer would have drawn me in immediately.

Eva said...

I like the Write Mom because it conveys the message but doesn't limit your audience. Now if you're specifically trying to draw in crunchy Catholics or homeschoolers, then I'd choose one of those.