Monday, December 29, 2008

Reprint Acceptance

See, I told you it was all a numbers game! Thanks to Lisa Russell at 30 Queries in 30 Days, a small parenting pub has accepted my Stock-up Mentality reprint.

I’ve been asked to make a few modifications to it as far as my sidebar to make it more local, but that’s no problem. I had to ask for a week to do it, though, since I don’t have access to the Internet during the week unless I drag all the kids to the library (Aron’s working a lot of overtime and if I pay a sitter I’ll lose money on this deal!). Have you ever tried to concentrate on finishing and sending an article with 4 little kids to take care of IN A PUBLIC PLACE at the same time? It’s hard to do that and keep from showing your Crazy Mommy face.

Oh, crap. Should I take the article off my blogs now? That’s considered “published” as well, right? It’s not like I have a huge blog following, but still …

1 comment:

Eva said...

Any time you need internet access. I'm done working by noon every day now. Come on over. Will and Beren would be thrilled!