Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time to Write!!!

Merry Christmas to me!

My husband got sick of me logging on and off his laptop nonstop all weekend every weekend so I could do writing stuff (e-mail queries, do research, answer e-mail, work on the blogs, send away for sample copies, check out online pubs, etc.).

BUT he saw that I actually made a sale (more on that in the next post) and that I love to write, so …

… on the 20th of this month I was so excited to take his laptop to the Hearth Room at the local community center for TWO HOURS so I could work on writing stuff uninterrupted. I was going to leave him with FOUR kids! For those of you who leave your kids all day long with not so much as a backward glance, good for you. But for me, this is a hard thing to do. Lots of planning and plotting.

But back to the Hearth Room. The Hearth Room is a comfy cozy room with a perpetual fire, a large TV, lots of tables and couches and room to breathe. And a fitness center across the hall. I promised myself I’d work out on the elliptical thingie if I got all my writing work done in an hour and a half, especially since I’m 37, 20 pounds overweight, and having heart issues lately.

I had made a list the day before to make sure I knew what I needed to do. I got all my blog posts on my Lexar keychain drive so I could post-date them all. I finally got my first eHow article done, and my rewrite for the pub that wanted my reprint. I had to make sure I had all the hard copy files I needed and all the files transferred to the Lexar that I would need.

I told myself I would do all my business stuff first before I could check and respond to email. I told everyone who would listen that I was getting 2 hours to myself.

Then my man ended up having to work every night that week until 10 or 11 p.m. AND all day on the 20th. BUT … he brought home his laptop so I could write at home, which in my book is better than nothing. What would’ve taken me 2 hours alone takes about 3 with kids around. I’ll have time alone when I die. And I plan on taking a nice nap then, too.

Merry Christmas!

So how do YOU make it work? Writing and kids, writing and full-time job, writing and slacking off. Whatever your life is like … how do you make time to write?

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