Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I wanted to wait to make sure this one seemed legit before I told you about it, and it appears it will work out. Consider this a New Year’s Resolution Challenge for you.

I have a blog at called I am supposedly making $1 per 100-word post up to 30 in one month. Then I also make a measly amount for page views (like 1 penny for 5 million views … just kidding!). Oh, and $5 for each referral (my name is Kerrie McLoughlin in case you wanna pop that in the referral line … wink wink).

It becomes a challenge to think and write in 100-word paragraphs. Lots of people have blogs on that chronicle their daily lives. I get kinda bored by that stuff, so I wanted something that might be potentially interesting and hopefully funny. I sure like to gripe, so I made it a blog of things that annoy me. One day as I nursed my daughter I made a list of like 60 things that peeve me off and I was on my way.

You can post-date entries, so you can do what I do: enter 30 at a time and sit back and relax the rest of the month.

Drawback: You can’t ever re-publish what you’ve written for My dream is Random House will fall in love with my blog, want to publish a book of my blog posts as-is (no work from me and no editing) and will pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS (anyone seen Austin Powers or have you been living under a rock?) for the rights to do so.

If you believe that will happen, you also believe chocolate has zero calories.

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