Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tracking Submissions

It’s not easy for a creative person to turn all business-y and start keeping track of submissions and try to figure out a way to know where to submit an article after it’s been rejected.

I know there’s great software out there, but I’m cheap, so I use Excel and a file folder for now. My spreadsheet for 30 Queries in 30 Days has 31 rows (one row for titles) and 8 columns. I use one document and make each Sheet a different month.

My column headings are:

1. Day (1 through 30, even on months with 31 or 28 days)

2. Publication name

3. Article title or idea

4. Date sent

5. Notes (did I e-mail, had I queried before?)

6. Follow-up date (not quite sure as of now when or if to follow up with the local parenting pubs … I’ll probably assume they don’t want it if I don’t hear back within a month. If I plan to submit it elsewhere in their geographic area, I suppose I’ll check back in about 8 weeks. If I still don’t hear from them, I’m going to …

7. Plan B (this is a pub I’ll send to next in the same geographic area or state or, if it’s an essay, I may submit to a contest)

8. Plan C (a second pub in geographic area or state)

How do you track submissions?

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