Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Assignment

Here’s the background on this little story:

I sent my reprint about stocking up on food and meals to a local parenting pub in Ohio. They didn’t want it, but wanted me to write something different based on something I did for about moms making money with their kids in tow.

After I did this and submitted it, I figured I could go ahead and send it all over the country before it got published and became a “reprint” (reprints make less money).

One place I sent it to said they wanted it, but wondered why I didn’t add Freelancing to my list of things moms can do to make money with their kids around. I emailed back, “Good point. I’ll add it and resubmit.”

I guess I never thought about Freelance Writing as something I’m doing to make money because I’ve only made $25 so far, and that was in 2007!!!!!

But … if I sell ONE article that’s the equivalent of like THREE HOURS of babysitting.

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Darling Nikki said...

Love the comparison of writing $$ and babysitting! Very funny.
Thanks for the follow!!