Friday, January 9, 2009


Ideas are swirling around in my head. I write them all over the house on scraps of paper, on a spiral notebook in the diaper bag, on a legal pad in the minivan.

Should I spend these free moments today on that eHow article? What if I never get paid to do that? Still, it’s quick and easy.

Or should I work on a month’s worth of peeves since that seems to have some actual money-making potential?

Should I work on something that will make guaranteed money, like sending out queries for a reprint? Or queries for something recent?

Should I forget all that and start working on one of my newer ideas that will take a lot of research, but could sell well?

Or that essay for Mothering Magazine?

Or should I work on the blogs, which I really enjoy?

But then there’s that nonfiction book idea. Shouldn’t I jump on it before someone else swoops in and “steals” my idea and gets it published? Like a few years ago when Hilary Flower published “Adventures in Tandem Nursing” … I thought at first, “I could’ve written that since I’ve done it twice so far.” Then I realized, of course, that I couldn’t have done it at that time in my life and not nearly as well as Hilary Flower did it!

How do you decide which project to start on or work on next?

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