Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Editor is Just Not That Into You

FYI, Newbies: if you don’t hear back from the editor of a local parenting mag pretty quickly (like, within a couple of days), she or he is probably just not that into you.

They don’t have time to send you a personalized, coddling rejection, like “Dear Kerrie. You are obviously a brilliant writer. However, the piece you fit won’t fit in with our magazine at this time. PLEASE keep sending submissions, as reading them puts the light in my day.”

If you don’t hear back, assume you have made some heinous, glaring mistake.

Like maybe you double-spaced after each sentence and the guidelines said only to single-space. Or you submitted a huge thing to a tiny pub. Or they only work with local writers, you dumbass.

Assume it’s something you did.

Then move on. Keep sending. Even keep sending stuff to the same pub, hoping someday they will just tell you to piss off so you can take them out of your Contacts list.

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