Friday, February 27, 2009


In the process of collecting sample copies and writer’s guidelines and rejections, it occurred to me that maybe I’m an essay kind of gal. I do well with short and humorous. I have many blog posts from The Kerrie Show that I could craft into a 500-word essay for a bunch of local parenting magazines.

But which one to choose? Hmmm, why not RECYCLE yet again?

So I took that opinion piece I did for my local paper about how parents doing their kids’ fundraising for them annoys me … and softened it a bit. Took out some of the barking rhetorical questions and the part where I rag on private schools having no business doing fundraisers in the first place and sent it out to the 11 mags I knew for a fact publish short essays.

At this point I’m not even sure if what I sent is actually an essay. We’ll see if the rejections (or worse, non-response) will tell me where to go next. The way things have been going, a pub will ask me to re-work the darn thing as an actual long article with a 1-day deadline. But it’s a job!

Oh, and those of you writing for money to pay bills, etc., shield your eyes for this next part. In my email query, I put that since this is basically a reprint, I’m offering it for $15. Tacky? Stupid? Hey, if it gets me published and drives an agent to my blog …

… then I’m clearly dreaming and need to wake the hell up!

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