Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get Back in the Game

If I had only had one query circulating in the world of parenting pubs, I would have been crushed when Brain, Child rejected my essay.

But I have lots out there, and you never know what’ll happen. And the only took 4 weeks to reject me instead of the up-to-10 their guidelines say they can take. And they wrote a kind and personal note about how they only publish 7 out of 750 submissions.

So I deleted the 3 extremely personal paragraphs from the essay and sent it off to Mothering Magazine. I was having trouble with what I’ve been working on for Mothering for the last year or so anyway, so maybe this’ll help me get over my writer’s block (sending them something completely random that I don’t expect them to publish, but being happy that I have something else out in the world).

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