Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Give Up!!!

Recently I found more markets to pimp my 2 “feature”-ish articles out to and was emailing them. Sometimes I like to personalize them so they know I didn’t send one mass email out and blind carbon copy everyone. So I put something about, “I hope this will be a good fit for Mountain Home Magazine.” (I’ve changed the names of the pubs and editors to protect the innocent)

So I copy that and paste it into the next email and USUALLY (as in, when I’m not pregnant) change the name of the pub. Well, I sent 3 more before I noticed that I’d not changed the name of the pub.

Being an honest, I-like-to-make-it-right as quickly as possible so I can sleep at night kind of person, I immediately re-sent them with an apology, saying I am embarrassed and don’t usually make mistakes like that. Okay.

Then I notice I just sent an apology for messing up royally ONCE to MISTER Smith with MRS. So-and-So’s name on the darn thing! I actually blushed and felt like a total moron.

So before calling it quits for the day (I shouted “I GIVE UP” into the air), I sent ONE LAST EMAIL to Mr. Smith and tried to make a funny. I told him my only excuse is that I’m pregnant and that I believe I’ll be hanging up my writing hat for the next 8 months.

I almost told him how great this would be for my writing mistakes blog.


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

awww...chin's only one of those upside-down days:)
Look there...the sun is rising again:)

Mammatalk said...

Oh, I am sure you are not the first one! You are very polite!