Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It’s a Tough Job …

… but somebody’s gotta do it.

I’m telling you, going through magazines for a “living” is pure torture (I put it in quotes because I make about 1/100th of what my husband makes, so it can hardly be called a living … more like a “calling” or a “hobby”). I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

Just kidding. It’s awesome and I love it.

Everybody gives me their used magazines. I go through them and save whole copies of potentially useful ones (or just the most recent copy or they’d overtake the house), or tear out pages of sections I could write something for. I should be keeping all the back issues to I don’t accidentally repeat something. I used to save all the Table of Contents, but that got to be one big mess.

Body+Soul (they need more stuff for parents), Redbook, Good Housekeeping (there’s a page each month written by a blogger!!!), Weight Watchers, Parents, Parenting, Mother Earth News, BackHome, BabyTalk, American Baby, Writer’s Digest, Real Simple (there’s a new Real Simple Family I need to grab), Mothering, Brain,Child, Family Circle, Midwest Living, Women’s Day, HomeSchool Enrichment.

Really, though, it’s not all fun. They are all so different. There are thousands out there. Including my local parenting pubs (like Kansas City Parent, San Diego Family, etc.), I have over 50 sample copies, and when my husband gets paid again I’m sending off for more (many of the small locals want you to pay about $2.50 for a copy or, at the very least, I send my 10x13 SASE and the postage ends up being about $3.00 total).

So there’s the record-keeping I like to do, in Outlook and Excel, to make life easier come Query Time. And there’s the physical filing of all the stuff I have. But it’s fun doing it at my own pace.

Just signed up to do Meals on Wheels again with the kids (they were bugging me to do it), so there goes another couple of hours a week, but at least for a good cause. Who cares if an article takes longer to write as long as I’m putting good karma out into the world? I’m confident it will all work out.


Lady Glamis said...

You sound like a great mother doing great things!

What an interesting job with the magazines! Albeit boring at times. :)

jbechtold said...

If you have not already you can do an article on meals on wheals. Just a thought as I read your blog.

Jen said...

Everybody sends you their used magazines, huh? Hmm. Looks like I just found something to do with mine...Hahaha. Just kidding.
Hope all's well on your end. Have a good night!

Mammatalk said...

Wow. I admire you. I had an interest in writing for magazines, but got so frustrated with the research. Good for you!