Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day of Rest

Yeah, right. Had you goin’ there for a minute, didn’t I?

Right after church a couple of weeks ago I picked up and vacuumed the house as fast as I could. I explained to my husband that the house would then get progressively more trashed as the next few days wore on due to the fact that I would be working on my e-book.

My rationale was to finish the e-book and have it ready to sell BEFORE my interview with J.A. Konrath posted on both of my blogs.

Konrath gets like 1,000 hits per day, so I figure there must be some moms in there who are curious about what it’s like to be a Lazy Mom.

The house got pretty messy for a couple of days, but I accomplished an actual goal, which is a big deal for someone like me who always starts things but never finishes them.

And no, I don’t have some Writing Master Plan … I’m just trucking along posting on the blogs, sending out articles to the local parenting pubs, trying to find time to work on that essay for Mothering and always considering writing a memoir-ish thing for my kids about my first years of mothering that I could self-publish 10 copies of.

No deadlines, though. The plan is to finish this stuff before I die. You know how it goes.


Lady Glamis said...

I know exactly how it goes! I LOVED your book! I need to send you an email on my thoughts. You certainly have inspired me to just relax and have a little more fun. Thank you!

Sarah said...

I wish I had your tenacity for submitting. I feel like I need to hone some more before I submit but will I ever get to the point that I feel "good enough?"