Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kerrie’s Lazy Award-Winning Chili Recipe

This is a link to one of my eHow “articles," which I do from time to time on my other blog. This one is how to make my Award-Winning Chili. What kind of award, you ask? Something from Food Network or the Chili Society of America?

Nah. After 11 years I finally got to enter Aron’s company’s chili cook-off. I got tired of hearing about how extremely hot and ulcer-creating everyone’s chili was … like almost too hot to even eat! My chili has always been pretty mild (you can add onions and hot sauce to taste later, but I don’t need my kids sweating while they eat dinner and blowing their pants off in the middle of the night).

Somehow I got 7th place out of 15 in the category of Unique … huh? I shoulda been like last place on that one. But I also got 3rd place for Flavor! Yippah! Aron made this awesome chili with ground chuck that was middle-of-the-road on all the award categories, which I don’t get. I think the contest was fixed and that payoffs were involved.

I think Mother Writers need an easy recipe so they can have more time to write, so here’s the link (just click on the highlighted word "link" – for you blogtards).

Also, I always thought my niche would be something to do with Attachment Parenting … I’m such an “expert” in that. But recently I’m finding out I don’t really feel so much like an expert at parenting as much as an expert at LAZY. The lazier I can do things, the more time I have to write, homeschool, play with my kids, look longingly into my husband’s eyes (okay, let’s not get carried away).

So go make some chili and WRITE.

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Nightowl Mama said...

Congratulations on getting 7th place and 3rd place that is fabulous. Glad to see your blogging again. I stopped by a few times and my guess it was at the Kerrie show blog but I hadn't seem much written from you. Looks like we both have a case of the Lazy's. LOL.