Monday, March 9, 2009

No Attachments

I read somewhere that attachments in e-mails often go straight to Spam, so editors never see your submission. I’ve been sending all my articles as both attachments and text-in-body of e-mail, plus with one article I often send along a relevant photo they can use with the piece.

I would think an editor would check their Spam for writing gold (I know I would check it!), especially if the subject line says “article” or “submission” or “writing gold.”

Still, I sent out 9 reprints last month only in the body of the email just to be safe. I also did not mention the name of the pub so I wouldn’t screw that up. I did address the editor by name, so extra points for me!

I also told them I’d be happy to localize the story for them and could get it back to them by the weekend. Usually I just say I’ll add a local slant, but this time I got more specific.

On the right side of this blog there is a list of places I’ve been published or have yet-to-be published but have actually sold a piece. We’ll see how quickly that list grows. Hmmm. I feel like a cook trying different ingredients in a recipe.

Come back in two days for my interview with author J.A. Konrath, writing as Jack Kilborn with his latest novel.

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Lady Glamis said...

That interview sounds great!

Many of the agents I want to submit to say NO attachments. Some request them specifically if it's a partial. I just go be the different rules. Most of them have detail on what to title your email so that it doesn't slip by them, even in spam. :)