Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway!

Some of you may remember the book review I did of Writer Mama. Today the author, Christina Katz, is offering a free copy (just leave a comment on this blog -- details below -- and I'll draw a name soon)!

The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway! (Catch up on the past posts here:

Post #15: Celebrate book-pitching milestones!

Before we move on to talking about the book-writing process, I want to remind everyone (including myself) how important it is to celebrate every step of the way along the book writing process. Writing a book for traditional publication is a huge deal. It’s incredibly challenging to get to this point and if you don’t celebrate your small successes along the way, they will pass too quickly. Here’s a quick list of ideas that lend themselves to celebrations with supportive family and writer friends:

Warm up celebrations (worth a latte at Starbucks or some equivalent):

1. You complete the book proposal

2. You submit the book query or pitch the book concept live

3. You are asked to submit your complete proposal after the query/pitch

4. You receive an offer for representation (from an agent) or a verbal offer to publish the book (from a publisher)

5. You receive a written offer for representation or publication in the form of a contract

6. You complete and return the contract

7. You receive your fully executed contract copy for your files

At this point you are ready for a BIG celebration: (Worth a lunch or dinner out with your biggest cheerleaders or some equivalent). The thing is, you will likely start working on your book-writing before you receive your fully executed contract simply because you want to keep moving forward on your book in order to hit your deadline. So don’t get a deal and stop working. This is the kiss of death for hitting your first deadline. Books are a lot more work than most writers (and certainly readers) realize.

So figure out when it makes the most sense for you to have your BIG celebration. Some people feel a contract isn’t a contract until it’s signed and they are holding it in their hands (and this is true). But other folks, like myself, tend to favor back patting when the actual good news comes rather than waiting until later. Trust me on this—you’ll be up to your neck in book-writing and then book-promoting deadlines from the time you get the green light until a couple years after your book comes out.

I hope you’ll get out there and celebrate. Enjoy. You've earned it!

Today's Book Drawing:
To enter to win a signed, numbered copy of Writer Mama, answer the following question in this blog's comments:

If you got a book deal today, who would you call on to be part of your team of confidantes? What strengths would they bring to the table?

Thanks for participating! Only US residents, or folks with a US mailing address can participate in the drawing. Please only enter once per day.

Where will the drawing be tomorrow? Visit to continue reading the rest of the Writer Mama story throughout March 2009!

Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids by Christina Katz (Writer's Digest Books 2007)Kids change your life, but they don't necessarily have to end your career. Stay-at-home moms will love this handy guide to rearing a successful writing career while raising their children. The busy mom's guide to writing life, this book gives stay-at-moms the encouragement and advice they need including everything from getting started and finding ideas to actually finding time to do the work - something not easy to do with the pitter-patter of little feet. With advice on how to network and form a a business, this nurturing guide covers everything a writer mama needs to succeed at her second job


Julie said...

I love the idea of small celebrations--not only for book publishing, but for other writing milestones as well. Easy, simple and rewarding. Thanks for stating the simple, Christina.

Annie said...

I have a pretty strong base of support, and I would include all of them in my team of confidantes.

My parents have been encouraging me to write since I was in Kindergarten. They had to: my mom was my Kindergarten teacher; my dad, my high school English instructor.

My oldest daughter is supportive of my endeavors. She's a good writer also, and she thinks outside the box. She'd be a fantastic addition to my team.

My husband is my number one fan. It's interesting when he reads my work, he always offers support from another point of view.

And my best friend would definitely have to be a part of my team. He's a financial wizard, so he'd make sure I'm keeping my feet planted and not overindulging. It's always good to have a practical person helping.

Writer Chick said...

My critique group. They have been with me from the beginning and I trust their judgement. One is a grammar guru and the other is great at ferreting out bad sentence structure. I love how they compliment my strengths and supplement my weaknesses.

Writing Nag said...

How often we celebrate our friends victories but think ours aren't as important. Thanks for the important reminder.
I would call on my one faithful writing friend, my sister, and my husband because they are the ones that motivated me to continue writing even after years of rejections. They listen, they inspire and they encourage.

Lady Glamis said...

That looks like such a good book you are giving away! Fantastic!

I would gather together members from my writers group and some other writers I have grown close to online. These people have helped me at the drop of a hat whenever I call. They are loyal and care about my writing. We help each other along with our writing, and grow together. :)

Lady Glamis said...

That looks like such a good book you are giving away! Fantastic!

I would gather together members from my writers group and some other writers I have grown close to online. These people have helped me at the drop of a hat whenever I call. They are loyal and care about my writing. We help each other along with our writing, and grow together. :)

Erin said...

I would call upon my mom, sister and two amazing writing friends all who have been there through the good, bad and ugly- supporting me and cheering me on. Without them I may have quit years ago.

eringoodman said...

When I get my book contract these are some of the people I will invite to celebrate with me. (I'm picturing a nice big picnic at my favorite farm on a beautiful summer day!!)

All of my extended family (they are ALL so supportive of my work)
My wonderful friends
My high school English teacher
My fifth grade teacher
My editor at the newspaper
My publisher, editor and fellow writers at
My yoga students
My colleagues at the university
My students
Several of my "online friends"
All the contributors and people I interviewed for the book
My farming friends
Friends from my church
Friends from my kids' school
Babysitters, mother's helpers, daycare teachers and friends who helped care for my kids while I wrote

Ahhh...what fun it is to imagine the wonderful time we will all have celebrating!!!

Thank you!

katie said...

I agree with the earlier comment that all too often we celebrate the accomplishments (big and small) of our friends, spouses, children, etc. and then shrug at our own victories. I think it's very important to celebrate the little steps along the way during any project, but ESPECIALLY a book-writing process!

I feel very fortunate to have a strong support system of family, friends, and co-workers. And, they make a fun celebratory gang!

But, first and foremost, I'd call on and rely on my husband, were I given a book deal. He's who I talk through ideas with most of the time; and his support, encouragement and excitement are so heartfelt and contagious--just the thing I need during the ups and the downs.

Thanks for prompting this exercise, Christina!

Jenni said...

Definitely my writing group. Also, a longtime family friend with some publishing under her belt. Probably some friends who are just good cheerleaders, too (writers or not). I agree with the focus on celebrations and it's good to have a reality check re: up to your neck in deadlines later and not as much time for leisurely lunches. Thanks.

thewritermama said...

Thanks so much for coming by yesterday, ladies. This was a fun post to write and it was fun to read your list of folks you would share your successes with! Here's to your future and many successes (sound of glasses chink-chinking).
:) C

thewritermama said...

Tomorrow's the last day of the blog tour and the hostess gifts are in! Come on over to Robin Mizell's blog and chime in if you have time!

And thanks again for hosting!