Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Need Your Help!

I'm working on a piece about having cheap and simple kid birthday parties and need some quotes from "real" moms who have:

1. had a cheap and simple party


2. had an expensive, off-site party and regret spending the money

You can leave me a comment (make sure you put your e-mail address in the comment box down near username) or email me at Leave me your city and state in case I use your quote, please!

Thanks for your help!


Alyssa Ast said...

For my oldest son's 1st birthday we held the party at the local park. It was a beautiful summer day and saved us the hassel of trying to rent someplace or clean up a huge mess at the house. Kingman, AZ

Sarah said...

This past fall we had a tea party/movie fest sleepover on an inflatable mattress in our living room for my daughter and her BFF (and siblings of course). Then Daddy took her and her BFF to the movies the next day.

She remembers more about that birthday and talks about it more than the $700 Mobile Gym Bus birthday we had here at the house with 45 people and a butt load of food.

Just goes to show that you have to keep it simple stupid!

Granola Mom said...

When my oldest was about 5 (he's 17 now!) we had the best party ever - also one of the cheapest! It was "knights of the round table" themed. I made a cake that looked like a castle, we got plastic swords at the dollar store, I cut out crowns for the boys and cone hats for the girls and let the kids glue on stuff from my craft box onto them. A sleeve of plastic cups were turned into goblets with "jewels" also from my craft box. A cardboard box became a dragon's head that the kids "slew" with their swords.

A little imagination and work, not a lot of money. It's also the party, 15 years later, that still gets talked about!

jbechtold said...

I always have my sons birthday at my parents house. Since they are divorced there is a fight over whos house it is at and it is always uncomfertable. I can't wait until we can move to a house were I can do it at. We need comon ground for our birthday get togethers.