Monday, May 18, 2009

Bad Writer Mommy

In submitting about 40 of my article Moms Making Money (no paid leads; I gave it away for free as a 5-parter to one publication so I could have a credit on my resume!), I stumbled upon a guy who publishes a magazine AND has a side biz he needed my help on. It involved a sales letter, some Web writing and a marketing manual. I was honest with him about my limited experience and how "sales letter" made my butt cheeks clench up, but told him I'd give it a shot and would come cheap.

Whaddya know? It worked out! With my husband's help, we wrote a sales letter he LOVED, a table of contents for the manual he loved, and now I'm working on the Web stuff.

So I told my son this morning, "I'm going to be a Bad Writer Mommy today working on the laptop because I have a deadline of one week. But tomorrow I will be a Good Mommy and will take you all to the fish hatchery and the dam and to be with your grandma and great aunt."

It all evens out, right?


Alyssa Ast said...

Wow thats awesome! Congrats adn good luck!!

deandean said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful :-) Be waiting for updates :-)

Nikki said...

How awesome! And yes it all evens out.

PS Love the butt cheeks visual.