Saturday, June 6, 2009


I had a self-imposed deadline of May 31 for the writer’s guidelines e-book, which got pushed aside for a sales letter and manual project. Now my new deadline is my birthday, which is June 19.

I needed to get out 30 submissions to parenting pubs by the end of May also, which I did, with a zero pay rate (I placed one for free, though). It was one reprint I sent out 30 places, so it was kind of cheating since I wrote nothing new.

I have to make sure I keep up with posting on my main blog. But then ideas keep coming up to put on THIS blog.

I’d love to get some of my writing samples popped into my author site so someday I can direct editors THERE instead of sending them one little thing at a time.

I keep coming across people who NEED to read my unfinished essay about how the family bed does indeed end if you got it started in the first place.

I got a couple of new titles put onto Helium, but I can’t find the time to WRITE them.

Should I prioritize by what might make me the most money? Or by what I love to do? Or by my self-imposed deadlines?

How do you prioritize all your writing projects? Or do you go off half-assed and schizophrenic like me, working on things as you think about them?

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jbechtold said...

My priorities change by the day. I try to spend time with the kids first them do writing. But when I get on a kick with the writing I knock out a lot at once. By the way how do you like Helium I wanted to look into it. Do you get bonuses for references? My email is