Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Call of Writing

Don't you hate how writing always calls you? You know you should be stripping wallpaper or playing catch with your son or doing the mound of dishes or making dinner or taking a shower, but ...

... the writing calls to you. An idea comes that you HAVE to write down. You glance at your growing stack of papers ("ideas") and wonder when you'll ever have the time to organize them, let alone actually WRITE about them.

Balance is hard to find. I guess the best advice (which I don't actually follow) is to play with your kids first (fill those love tanks!!!!), do your chores, THEN write.

This is hard for me because sometimes when I'm available for the kids, they are doing something else and don't want me involved at that moment. So I sneak in writing when I can and fill the rest of the day with kids and house.

How do you tell Writing to shut up and handle your responsibilities like a big girl or boy?


Brittany Tucker said...

Yeah, that writing call can be hard to handle. I have many, many, many papers skattered around focusing solely on my writing (ideas). It's actually quite funny!

LadyStyx said...

I actually turn a deaf ear to that call and write when I darned well feel like it. I know how you feel when the ideas pile up though. Mine always tend to pile up because of something that happens that I know I should blog about but don't know how I wanna deal with. Then of course everything backs up behind that one idea because it really needs to be written before I do any of the other entries. Once it's written, I can't stop until all the ideas are exhausted. Even if it means scheduling entries days or weeks in advance.