Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother Writer Needed a Break

Once my e-book was published and I did a tiny bit of marketing recently, I turned into a total slug. I had just gotten 4 assignments from a regional parenting magazine, and I was afraid my mojo was all gone … no more blogging? No more articles? No more energy to pimp my e-book? No urge to whip out an essay on tandem nursing? No desire to write my life story?

Yeah, I know my situation is different because I’m 7 months pregnant, but I had plenty of energy until recently. I was worried for a few days that I may be sick of writing, but it turns out all I needed was a break, and some extra B-12.

I needed to lay around on the couch and ignore all housework.

I needed to try to organize my writing desk a little since there were papers EVERYWHERE.

I needed to put my Writer Mama bumper sticker on my van since we’re not upgrading to a 12-passenger vehicle.

I needed to get engrossed in a book that would keep me sitting on my butt for long periods of time while my kids played. I chose Twilight, by the way. And then loved it so much that I ran to my Half Price Books to buy the second book in the series. It’s just so easy and romantic and suspenseful and fluffy. I heard the movie sucks.

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