Saturday, March 27, 2010

How NOT To Sell Your E-book

So I finally got one whole hour to myself last weekend to go to McDonald's to work on writing stuff. Yep, I left FIVE KIDS at home with my man and got out ALONE. The first thing I did was ...

... spill iced tea all over the table at McDonald's. So I cleaned that up.

Then I got down to work. I checked my Google Alerts (I was way behind) for the ones with "parenting magazines" and came across a cool freelancing blog (don't worry; I'll add it to my sites on this page) and left a comment about my e-book having about 200 regional parenting magazine listings where this person had an offering of about 20 in one post.

The next day I got a message from her saying she'd deleted my post and that I was kind of a jerk to pimp my ebook like that on a site without even putting a link to her blog on my blog. She let me have it. I wrote her back to apologize and offer her a free copy of the ebook to review instead. We're cool now.

Long story short: just because you are a Mother Writer short on time, don't act like some sort of one-night-stand guy when pushing your wares.

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