Sunday, May 15, 2011

Endorsement Requests and an Update on My Writing

I know, I know, I'm a bad mother writer. I'm spending all my time writing and submitting and working on my other blogs. I'll try to update you more often on what I'm working on so we can talk about it.

Today I sent out my first endorsement request for my ebook about getting published in parenting and family magazines. I hope to send out a bunch more in the weeks to come. I'm hoping endorsements and good comments from professional writers will help sell my ebooks since I really think it's a helpful resource.

I also submitted 2 stories to 2 different Chicken Soup for the Soul upcoming books (see for a link to the opportunities).

This week I'll be working on shaping some queries for nationals. I have 35 regional articles under my belt and 60 publishing credits, so I think I need to move on to some other stuff now. I'll have to mass-submit queries to the nationals and hope to get a bite!

I also hope to get some things on writing in some writing magazines and online sites.

Oh, and there are those other ebooks that are telling me they want to be written.

So many ideas, so little Internet access and so little time!

What are YOU working on?

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