Friday, July 22, 2011

Articles That Speak To You. No, I'm Not Crazy.

It’s funny how articles often start as one idea or theme and then they tell you which way they want to go instead. I started a piece about Lessons Grandparents Teach and had things like patience, downtime is good, older can be cool, etc.

It wasn’t flowing and wasn’t making sense, but other ideas were coming, so I just typed them up to see if there was a common theme I could run with. I ended up with a piece about things grandparents can do with or for their grandkids … like go on a nature walk turning over rocks and looking for bugs, teach a skill, bake something.

After I found what it wanted to be, it flowed and was easy to write.

As a bonus, it turned out to be an homage to my kids’ 6 grandparents, as well, and I felt proud of it.

Let your writing speak to you!

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