Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unmotivated Writer Mommies

Dang, I have been so unmotivated to write since I got back from Wyoming. I've been blogging regularly and figuring out how to get more traffic, which is like a full-time job. Don't get me started on issues with having BlogHer ads and not being able to do paid reviews. Otherwise, it's summer so I've just been ...

Sending a kid off to his first year of sleepover Scout camp.

Turning 41 (one kid is hiding)

Watering plants and flowers and the garden.

Tackling festering projects.

Watching my oldest child turn 11.

Seeing my husband off for more out of town fun.

Going to the pool.


Having a party for my son (husband out of town ... sad face).
I know I have to get out my Christmas story queries to the nationals but single-ish parenting is kicking my ass at the moment. Then there's that kitchen wall I have to sand and spackle and sand and paint. Plus the 100 degree weather in the Midwest.

What have you been up to?

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Tren Bren said...

Hey Kerrie!
Wow, you sound like you are doing that juggling act just like me - only with more children and more organisation.
I have a hall and room to paint. I am putting it off. I also have those drawers to declutter, and a garden to bring back from the jungle state it's in. Here in Dundalk, Ireland it is raining ... our summer is bad. The kids are in multi-sports camp and I am putting off buying Forty Shades...!

Nice to talk to you - Brenda